Advantages of the fractional models in dealing with real world problems

Istanbul, Turkey, October 8-12, 2018

A 5-day Training school that brings together participating top international specialists from diverse countries (members of our COST Action) and to initiate fruitful collaborations in the field of fractional dynamics focusing on finding new analytical and numerical methods as well as techniques to model the complexity of the dynamics of some real-world systems.

The advantage of using models based on fractional calculus is that there are several fractional kernels (singular or non singular) which can be adapted to a given set of data. In addition, the order of fractional derivatives can vary, therefore the range of the applicability of the generated models will increase considerable.

The expected results in time will contribute better to the identification of the unknown phenomena and the stability of the fractional tumor models. New software for solving fractional differential equations and fractional discrete equations will be provided.

Optimal control theory is playing an important role in the design of modern systems. Optimal control provides a powerful tool to link biological, mechanical or physical requirements coming from the system under investigation to the required mathematical objectives. With the help of a very recently established fractional derivative we will design a working plan for our control problems.

Invited trainers

Prof. Dumitru Baleanu (Turkey)
Dr. Fatih Destovic (Serbia)
Prof Emmanuel Hanert (Belgium)
Prof. Sverre Holm (Norway)
Prof. S Hassan HoseinNia (Netherlands)
Prof. Juergen Kurths (Germany)
Prof. Guido Maione (Italy)
Prof. Piotr Ostalczyk (Poland)
Prof. Milan Rapaic (Serbia)

Eligibility, Financial support


The eligible expenses (travel, accommodation, meals) of the active participants of the Training school will be reimbursed after the event. The participants-Trainer must follow the COST Vademecum rules. The expenses for accommocation and meals are set as flat rate to 90EUR/night and 15EUR/meal, respectively, whereas max 6 nights and max 12 meals are eligible. For more information regarding the financial support, please see COST Vademecum or contact Action chair at koton”at” or local organizer Prof. Dumitru Baleanu (dumitru”at”

The Trainers being from the member country of COST Action CA15225 or invitated and approved are eligible for reimbursment. The full list of member countries can be found here.


The applicants being interested in attending the Training School must first fill out the basic Application form. Together with the filled Application form, the applicants are required to send an Applicant Letter (max 2 pages) via e-mail to Prof. Dumitru Baleanu (dumitru”at” containing the following information:

  • actual position, affiliation, supervisor (if applicable),
  • motivation for participation at the Trainign School (max 10 lines),
  • master and PhD thesis titles,
  • R&D projects being involved in (max 5),
  • journal and conference papers being related with fractional order systems (max 20),
  • a quick overview of the reached results using SCOPUS or Web of Knowledge (total number of papers, citations, h-index, etc.).

Based on the information provided the selected applicants will be invited through the e-COST system as Trainees. The total number of Trainees is fixed to 20.

To participate at the Training School as Trainee, only applicants from a country being member of COST Action CA15225 are eligible for financial support. The full list of member countries can be found here. Furthermore, the applicants must be at least PhD students.

The expenses (travel, accommodation, meals) of the active Training School participants will be supported by a COST Grant. For Trainees being outside Turkey, the COST Grant is set to 1080 EUR, whereas for Trainees from Turkey the COST Grant is 600 EUR. Note, that the COST Grant does not have to cover all your expenses. The participants pay all relevant expenses in advance, whereas first after the event they are reimbursed. For more information, please see the COST Vademecum or contact Action chair at koton”at”

Note that the organizer is provided with the Participants list, which you as a participant (Trainer or Trainee) must sign each day of attending the event to be later eligible for reimbursement.


The Training school takes place in the Yildiz Technical University, Davutpasa Campus, Science and Arts Faculty, Department of Mathematics, 34220 Esenler / Istanbul, Turkey. For more details of the location please see the web of the Departments of Mathematics.

Important dates

Filling out the Application form and sending the Application Letter: July 31, 2018
Invitation of the Trainees via e-COST: August 16, 2018
Training School dates: October 8-12, 2018


Both Trainer and Trainees arange the accommodation by them selves. Anyway, the organizers may recomment to select from the following hotels:



For any additional information regarding the Training School, please contact the Local Organizer Prof. Dumitru Baleanu, email: dumitru”at”