Workshop on Fractional Calculus – WFC 2018

Skopje, fYR Macedonia, May 10-11, 2018

Fractional calculus is a modern and expanding domain of mathematical analysis. Using Fractional Calculus in the mathematical models includes more information then offered by the classical integer order calculus. Besides an essential mathematical interest, its overall goal is general improvement of the physical world models for the purpose of computer simulation, analysis, design and control in practical applications.

Embedded in both science and industrial applications, as a part of problem posing and problem solving procedures, Fractional calculus became an efficient tool for description, analysis, modeling, design and decision making within complex dynamical processes. It also became an acceptable tool for a large number of diverse scientific communities due to more adequate modeling in various fields of mechanics, electricity, chemistry, biology, medicine, economics, control theory, as well as signal and image processing.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together leading experts as well as young researchers working on topics related to Fractional calculus to present their recent work to the scientific community.

The Workshop on Fractional Calculus will be held in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering on May 10-11, 2018.

For more information about the workshop and the registration, please follow Workshop webpage

Eligibility, Financial support

The participants being from the member country of COST Action CA15225 are eligible for reimbursment. The full list of member countries can be found here.

The eligible expenses (travel, accommodation, meals) of the active participants of the Workshop will be reimbursed after the event. The participants must follow the COST Vademecum rules. The expenses for accommocation and meals are set as flat rate to 70EUR/night and 15EUR/meal, respectively, whereas 2 nights and 6 meals are eligible. For more information regarding the financial support, please see COST Vademecum or contact Action chair at koton”at” or local organizer Biljana Jolevska-Tuneska (biljanaj”at”

Note that the organizer is provided with the Participants list, which you as a participant must sign each day of attending the event to be later reimbursed.