Annual Workshop 2019

Ghent, Belgium, September 20, 2019

At the Annual Workshop the progress in fractional-order systems, their description, approximation and modelling will be presented.

Mainly the PhD students and ECIs being supervised by the MC members/substitutes of the COST Action CA15225 will have the possibility to present the current results and achievements following the tasks and expected deliverables of specific Work Groups and of the Action.

Researchers being interested to participate at the Annual Workshop and even at Work Group meeting (taking place on Sept. 19) may register here. The registration does to automatically mean the approved participation at the event. Based on your feedback, the final list of participants will be defined and official invitations via e-COST systems sent.

Eligibility, Financial support

The participants being from the member country of COST Action CA15225 are eligible for reimbursment. The full list of member countries can be found here.

The eligible expenses (travel, accommodation, meals) of the active participants of the Annual Workshop will be reimbursed after the event. The participants must follow the COST Vademecum rules. The expenses for accommocation and meals are set as flat rate to 110EUR/night and 20EUR/meal, respectively, whereas max 2 nights and max 4 meals are eligible. The expected number of participants being financially supported from the COST Action budget is 35.

For more information regarding the financial support, please see COST Vademecum or contact Action chair at koton”at” or local organizer Dana Copot (Dana.Copot”at”

Note that the organizer is provided with the Participants list, which you as a participant must sign each day of attending the event to be later eligible for reimbursement.

Book of Abstracts

The participants-speakers are requested to prepare an extended abstract (max 1 page A4) that will become part of the Book of Abstracts. The templates for Word and Latex can be downloaded here: