Final MC Meeting – 2021

March 24, 2021; 9AM – 10:30AM, online

After the more than four year period, the COST Action CA15225 is almost at its end. Unfortunately, the previously apporoved half-year extension did not help much and we still are “captured” by lasting COVID-19 situation. Therefore, the Final MC Meeting originally planned to take place in Brno, Czech Republic will take place online using the MS Teams platform.

To access the online meeting room you just have to click Join Microsoft Teams Meeting. If MS Teams is installed on your computer, it should open automatically. If not, your web browser will open and provide you access.

Within the Final MC Meeting, mainly the steps required to finalize the Action Final Report will be discussed.

The Final MC Meeting will be followed by the Annual Workshop. As this will actually be the last time we have the opportunity to meet in such a “crowd”, the Annual Workshop will give you not just the opportunity to share current achievements, but also to annouce your future R&D plans a possibly to address your new partners in join research being implemented already out of the COST Action. If you are interested to use this opportunity and be active speaker, please follow this link to register.

The schedule of the Final MC Meeting and the Annual Workshop will be set based on the feedback of those willing to be Annual Workshop active speaker.