CA15225 Annual Workhop – 2018

Bialystok, Poland, September 20-21, 2018

After the MC/WG meeting the Annual Workshop on current progress in fractional-order systems, their mathematical description, modelling and utilization took place. The current results and achievements within each Working Group following the Tasks and expected Deliverables of the Action were presented and disscussed among researchers and other participants that were present at the two-day event, whereas the total number of participants was 50. The Book of Abstracts can be downloaded here.

To involve also the industry and introduce the power of fractional calculus and modeling in the area of parameter specification of super- and ultra-capacitors, the representatives of the European company Skeleton Technologies were invited to participate at this event to discuss the joint steps in defining efficient tools to describe the performance of super- and ultra-capacitors using fractional-order approach. Unfortunately, although invited, no further activity from the company was present and we hope to be more lucky next time.