Qualitative theory of fractional-order systems

Budva, Montenegro, October 1-5, 2020


As vast majority all of the Trainers and Trainees canceled their participation at the Training School, its organization in October 1-5, 2020 is canceled. Based on discussion with COST Assoc., the organization of the Training School will be postponed to February, 2021. All invited participants are asked to cancel all bookings immediately to prevent any losses from cancelation fees. Darko Mitrovic, as Local Organizer, apologizes for such an outcome.

The utilization of fractional calculus shows its benefits in mathematical modelling and control of systems stemming from various areas. Within this training school, the trainees are made aware about the possibilities of using fractional-order differential equations in mechatronics and image signal processing. Attention is also paid to fractional control theory and to fractional backward stochastic differential equations.

Within this Traingin School, the Trainees will be made aware about mathematics of fractional calculus in general, followed by selected engineering areas employing fractional-order calculus in system modelling, signal processing and control theory.

List of Invited Trainers and their topics:

  • prof. Martin Lazar, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia: Control and Observation for PDEs
  • Dr. Ilir Capuni, University of Montenegro: TimeStream: Exploiting video streams for clock synchronization
  • prof. Sanja Konjik, University of Novi Sad, Serbia: Mathematical modeling and analysis of wave propagation phenomena in viscoelastic media within fractional framework
  • prof. Lazar Obradovic, University of Montenegro: Optimal stopping and neural networks with financial applications
  • Dr. Bozidar Popovic, University of Montenegro: Dependence properties of multivariate propotional hazard rate models
  • Dr. Vladimir Jacimovic, University of Montenegro
  • Dr. Darko Mitrovic, Univeristy of Montenegro: On the control theory in the fractional setting

Eligibility and financial support

The eligible expenses (travel, accommodation, meals) of the active participants of the Training School will be reimbursed after the event.

To be reimbursed, both Trainers and Trainees must follow the COST Vademecum. The reimbursement of incurred accommodation, meals, and local travel expenses in the country where the meeting takes place is paid as one item known as daily allowance. For Trainers the daily allowance is set to 115 EUR. For Trainees the daily allowance is set to 70 EUR. The expenses for long-distance travel (cross-border) are reimbursed based on the invoices uploaded in e-COST once finalizing the Online Travel Reimbursement Request. For edibility rules for long-distance travel, see Section 5. Meetings – Financial Support of COST Vademecum.

Trainees shall be engaged in an official research programme as a PhD Student or postdoctoral fellow or can be employed by, or affiliated to, an institution, organization or legal entity which has within its remit a clear association with performing research. Trainees eligible for reimbursement:

  • Trainees from COST Full Members / COST Cooperating Member.
  • Action MC Observer from NNC.
  • Trainees from Approved European RTD Organizations.

The full list of member countries of the COST Action CA15225 can be found here.

The maximum number of supported Trainees via the COST Action CA15225 funds is 18.

All Trainers and Trainees must create an e-COST profile at https://e-services.cost.eu/ including bank details to be able to accept the invitation and later to submit their Online Travel Reimbursement Request.

For more information regarding the financial support, please see COST Vademecum or contact Action chair at koton“at“feec.vutbr.cz or local organizer prof. Darko Mitrovic at darkom“at“ucg.ac.me.

Application for Candidates as Trainees

To apply as Trainee for the Training School, you have to fill out the Application Form by August 7, 2020 and sent the Motivation Letter (max 1 A4 page) to the organizer Darko Mitrovic (darkom“at“ucg.ac.me), where you will show your interest in attending the Training School.

Important dates

  • Filling out the Application form and sending the Motivation Letter: August 7, 2020
  • Invitation of selected Trainees via e-COST: August 21, 2020
  • Training School dates: October 1-5, 2020


The Training school will take place in Academy of knowledge, Žrtava fašizma bb, Obilaznica, 85310 Budva, Montenegro.


Both Trainer and Trainees have to arrange the accommodation by themselves. A list of recommended hotels will be provided shortly.

For any additional information regarding the Training School, please contact the Local Organizers at darkom“at“ucg.ac.me.