Workshop on Fractional order control from practical point of view

Delft, Netherlands – November 5, 2019

The workshop promotes the utilization of fractional order control. Frequency domain analysis is a key for industry to understand and design controllers. In this event, the frequency domain analysis tools to design fractional order controllers will be presented and discussed, whereas next to other invited participats within the COST Action contributing maily to the Tasks and Deliverables of WG3 and WG4, already the following speakers are approved:

  • Dr. Duarte Valerio, Universidade de Lisboa – Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal, Basics and fundamental of fractional calculus
  • Dr. Niranjan Saikumar, Delft Univeristy of Technology, The Netherland, Fractional-order Precision Motion Control for Mechatronic Applications
  • Dr. Fabrizio Padula, Curtin Univeristy, Australia, Robust fractional PID control
  • Dr. Patrick Lanusse, Université de Bordeaux (CRONE team), France, CRONE Control methodology for SISO and/or MIMO and/or preview system

who also give some practical examples, which advantageously implemented fractional order control successfully. The abstracts of the approved speakers are below.

Next to approved speakers, the target group of this Workshop are PhD candidates on control (or related topics), and researchers on Control domain contributing to the activitites of WG3, WG4, and professionals interested in application of fractional calculus with the goal not to only show the advantage to industry but also share the lates achievements with our members and disseminate the message toward their industrial network.

Eligibility, Financial support and application

The participants being from the member country of COST Action CA15225 are eligible for reimbursment. The full list of member countries can be found here.

The eligible expenses (travel, accommodation, meals) of the active participants of the Annual Workshop will be reimbursed after the event. The participants must follow the COST Vademecum rules. The expenses for accommocation and meals are set as flat rate to 120EUR/night and 20EUR/meal, respectively, whereas max 2 nights and max 4 meals are eligible. The expected number of participants being financially supported from the COST Action budget is 15.

The applicants are asked to fill out the application form here. The application is open till October 2, 2019. Once selected, to invite you officially, you have to create an e-COST account.

For more information regarding the financial support, please see COST Vademecum or contact Action chair at koton”at” or local organizer Hassan HosseinNia (S.H.HosseinNiaKani”at”

Note that the organizer is provided with the Participants list, which you as a approved participant must sign each day of attending the event to be later eligible for reimbursement.

Abstracts of the approved speakers:

Dr. Duarte Valerio – Basics and fundamental of fractional calculus

In this presentation we will go through all the fundamentals of Fractional Calculus, presented for beginners. A mathematical background in Calculus is assumed, but no previous knowledge of Fractional Calculus is required to follow this talk. The most usual definitions of fractional derivatives and integrals (the definitions known as Grünwald-Letnikoff, Riemann-Liouville and Caputo) will be presented, as well the corresponding Laplace transforms, from which fractional order transfer functions and state-space representations can be found and their time and frequency responses studied. Finally, a practical matter will be addressed: the different ways of approximating such fractional order dynamical systems by integer order transfer functions

Dr. Niranjan Saikumar – Fractional-order Precision Motion Control for Mechatronic Applications

Precision motion control design is highly competitive and challenging due to the ever increasing demands on speed and precision. In this lecture, we deal with the design of fractional order controllers specifically for precision motion systems. General guidelines will be provided for tuning fractional order PID. A toolbox (FLOreS) will be introduced for designing fractional order controllers using the industry standard loop-shaping technique. Finally, a practical example will be given to illustrate the advantage of fractional PID for precision motion control.

Dr. Fabrizio Padula – Robust fractional PID control

The ability of fractional controllers to improve the well-known performance/robustness trade-off that affect any control system has fueled the increasing interest in Fractional-Order Proportional-Integral-Derivative (FOPID) controllers in recent years. The talk will focus on two techniques that address the problem of designing robust FOPID controllers in the frequency domain. In particular, the model-matching approach, which hinges on the solution of an H-infinity optimal interpolation problem, and the so-called generalized isodamping approach, which recasts the FOPID design problem into an algebraic optimization problem, will be presented, along with a practical application.

Dr. Patrick Lanusse – CRONE Control methodology for SISO and/or MIMO and/or preview system

For 25 years, many developments have been proposed to make the CRONE control methodology both high performing and simple to be used by designers. Initially developed to design robust controllers for perturbed SISO systems, the CRONE methodology has been extended to MIMO systems and now to preview systems. Several experimental and industrial applications will show the efficiency of each step of the CRONE development.