Upcoming Workshops

Annual Workshop, Ghent (Belgium) September 20, 2019
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Workshop on Fractional order confrom from practical point of view, Delft (Netherlands) November 5, 2019, Read more.

Past Workshops

Annual workshop of the Action, Bialystok (Poland), September 20-21, 2018
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Workshop in fractional calculus, Skopje (fYR Macedonia), May 10-11, 2018
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Study group event on fractional control, Tallinn (Estonia), January 29-30, 2018
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Workshop on current progress in fractional-order systems and their utilization, San Sebastian, October 5-6, 2017
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Student Workhop on fractional-order systems, Patras (Greece), September 21-22, 2017, – canceled
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Fractional Calculus Day @ TUKE, Kosice (Slovakia), May 12, 2017
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Workshop on current progress in fractional-order systems and their utilization

The 1,5-day was organized in San Sebastian by the Spain representatives of the Action, Dr Karmele Lopez de Ipina and Dr. Pilar Ma Calvo, at University of the Basque Country. Following the tasks and expected deliverables described within the individual Working Groups, 19 speakers from the member countires presented the progress in the description and utilization of fractional-order systems and function blocks. Next to that also representatives of the 3 local companies – Technalia (by Hector Herrero), Stago (by Pablo Martinez Santoja) and OTRI (by Gorka Artola), gave a speech on the possible ulization of fractional-order approach in controling their designs. The book of abstracks can be downloaded here.

Fractional Calculus Day @ TUKE

The “Fractional Calculus Day” is One-day workshop in the series of international workshops started in 2007 at the Utah State University, USA. Since then, we had FC Day @ USU (every two years), FC Day @ TUKE (2013, 2014, 2016), FC Day @ IST Lisbon, FC Day @ WUT, FC Day @ UC Merced. This year, the workshop took place at Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia under the offical name International Workshop “Fractional Calculus Day @ TUKE”.

This workshop provided lectures by distinguished guests Prof. Jacek Leszczynski (AGH Krakow, Poland), Prof. Richard Magin (University of Illinois in Chicago, USA), Prof. Blas Vinagre (Universidad de Extremadura, Spain), and Dr. Matthew Harker (Montauniversitat Leoben, Austria). Other participants will also contribute their talks. Open problem discussions and round-table discussions took place. The workshop was supported from the funds and projects of Technical University of Kosice without any financial contribution of the COST Action CA15225.